Speciality Coffee

Roasted on Mallorca

Roasting high quality coffee on Mallorca



All beans are roasted right here in Can Pastilla, Mallorca.  Everything is done by hand and roasted on request. It dosen´t get any fresher than that!


Special coffee just for you



Whether you have a big resturant, hotel, or you just want some luxurious coffee at home, I have the beans for you. That's the benefit of having a micro roastery. I can roast  coffee that meets your exact needs and desires!

The bike

It´s not only coffee you will find here, you will also find out that bikes take up a big part of my heart, so naturally there are high quality bikes to rent, and you will always find a fellow cyclist to train with!


"Coffee is not just a drink. It's an experience that must be savored and enjoyed. There is no excuse to suffer a bad coffee, but there is always a reason to enjoy a good one"

I want to give you the opportunity to sell coffee that is better than the café next door, and also to have coffee at home that tastes better than the café downstairs.

You can read more about it here.